About Us

There's no doubt - you love knitting, and when you began it felt like a dream. There was a connection. 

Knitting daily gives you a tingling feeling of reaching through the past generations. You’re continuing their passion of handmade, warm, practical, beautiful items for all the family. 
And as you knit, the relaxation, mindful surrender and journey of creation are with you in every stitch.

After knitting for over forty years I’ve been through the mill… projects have failed, yarn has tangled, finished sizes have been completely off the scale, but I’ve learned so much.
I’m here to help you get back on your feet when your yarn stash is exploding, when the pile of patterns is ready to topple.
By starting this shop alongside the knitting courses, YouTube channel and membership I want to make knitting feel easier.

Knitting kits are the answer we’ve been searching for. 

Everything in one place. Happy mail appearing on your doorstep so you can start clicking those needles and know that joy of knitting without the hassle of trying to source the right needles, with the right yarn, and pattern.

But how did it all start for me?
I began knitting at the age of four. It seems a long time ago, and I don’t really remember much other than the colour of the needles and the distress I had when holes appeared and I dropped stitches.
But I made it. As a teen I began learning beyond my family’s ability to teach, so I searched for books at the library, began attempting patterns that were ‘too difficult,’ learning from mistakes. And I became even more hooked than I already was.

This is when knitting and other crafts became a mainstay of my life. Many around me knew me as ‘the creative one’ I loved art and fashion at school and wanted to go to college and University to study at colleges far from home. 

Life was leading me in a different direction.
As I became ill with multiple chronic conditions, it was knitting that helped me.
I recognised the beauty of ‘one stitch at a time,’ the gifts of patience and acceptance when things don’t go as you wished.

Of course, the ability to see weeks and months go by while knitting a long project with patience also saw my health improve over time. If my health was ever depleted again (which it was many times) those needles were still there by my side for me to pick up and find extra support.

How does this connect to this knitting shop?
Well, aside from all the knitty goodness you’ll find inside, there was one thing that really helped me when I was most ill.
I would prepare bags with everything (absolutely everything) that I needed for each project. Not just the yarn, needles and pattern. I’d find multiple sizes of needles, if I needed to change after ribbing. I'd pull out stitch holders, extra yarn for marking rows, measuring tape, sewing needle for loose ends and crochet hook in case I had to rescue a dropped stitch.

There was no frustration when something was missing - it was all there waiting for me - and I could pick up and put down the knitting any time I needed without asking someone else to help me find more yarn, needles or tools.

And some of the best times I remember with my Mum were preparing the multi-colour projects. We’d dive into the yarn stash and figure out the different colours, choose those that would stripe together or make gorgeous contrast seams and borders.
That’s how I’ve knitted ever since.
It can cause procrastination if you’re not focused enough, switching yarn choices a few times, waiting until a needle appears through the post, or going to a yarn shop to double-check that you don’t want a different colour.

This is why I wanted to create knitting kits since I started Knit With Hannah in March 2017. There’s so much opportunity for time to pass without the benefit of knitting time in your day if you don’t know what to knit, or you’re dithering over the next project. 

Let’s get you knitting with everything you need for every project, yes - you’ll find it all here.

Knitting kits make it easy for you. 

That's my mission in life, let's all learn to knit the easy way.