How To Use A Nostepinne (portable ball winder)

How To Use A Nostepinne (portable ball winder)

With patterns being made for uneven amounts of yarn, like 70g, 535g, 30g or 452g, we have a dilemma as knitters.
There's very few times you'll find a pattern that uses the exact amount  that you'll find on a hank or ball of yarn. Which means you'll usually be left with yarn waiting for a task at the end of your project.

Yes, leftovers are unavoidable! There's hardly any project that uses a full ball, so what to do with the remaining yarn?

I've started using this portable ball winder, also known as a nostepinne, in the last year and love it. All my leftovers end up in small balls thanks to this new piece of kit.

In today's video I'll show you how I use it, and how many different yarns I've made balls with on a regular basis. It's easy to use and I like that it doesn't have to be clamped to a table, so I can sit on the sofa when I'm finished knitting and I can wind up some leftovers while watching Doctor Who. :D

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