How To Improve Your Knitting Tension (not too tight, not too loose)

How To Improve Your Knitting Tension (not too tight, not too loose)

There's this knitting thing, called tension

When knitting you're looking for a Goldilocks tension, not too loose, not too tight, somewhere comfortable, in the middle. And that's what you'll be reaching for if you notice your stitches feel too tight on the needles. Once you notice that, there's an inclination to reach too far the other way and end up with loose, or completely uneven stitches. 

Sounds like a bit of a nightmare, right?

Let's start with the tight knitting....

The stitches might be clamped really firmly around the needles so you not only have problem moving them, but making the next stitch too - getting a second needle in seems impossible!

It can be tempting to hold on for dear life when you're knitting, if you've had a mishap before with stitches actually falling off the needles you'll want to be more cautious. But there's cautious and holding onto Captain Jack  when he's in wearing the Vortex manipulator and you're escaping the Daleks!

That's tight knitting dealt with, so what's next?

Loose knitting, that's what's next.

The interesting thing (and also rather annoying thing about loose knitting) is that your knitting just feels uneven. Loose stitches are never too big to the same extent across every row, the unevenness is what characterises the issue in the first place.

They might be  gaping on the needles at one end, sliding off the needle at the other, and might sit quite comfortably in the middle - like a 'normal' knitter would have them.

And you'll notice that perhaps you run out of yarn for Every. Single. Project.

'Is the knitting world against me?' you may ask.

And it can feel that way, if for every knitting project nothing ever fits, sleeves are far too long, yarn runs out far too quickly, there are big holes between stitches, or uneven rows sitting in the finished fabric.

Knitting with more even stitches, and not going so far that it ends up too tight, is something you can learn. I've got lots of tips for you here, today. We will find that Goldilocks tension again. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right, somewhere in the middle.

The bonuses to all this even tension?
Your knits will fit,
Your finished knits won't need extra yarn,
You'll feel like a knitter who can conquer the world (yes, really!) because everything you knit feels just right.

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