Delivery Information

Please Note: We have begun shopping outside of the UK and Ireland. Please be patient as there are still some delays in shipping due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Mostly these have passed now and any delays are more likely due to weather. If you are aware of such conditions in your country/area allow a few extra days for your parcel to be delivered.

Delivery Rates:
United Kingdom including Northern Ireland - £3.95 for all orders 

European Countries (listed below) - £9.95 for all orders 

Standard: £15.95 Tracked: £24.95

Australia and New Zealand:
Standard: £19.95, Tracked: £24.95

Standard: £19.95, Tracked: £24.95

There may be times when products are out of stock, due to suppliers being behind with orders. This is more likely due to the coronavirus pandemic.
We try to keep stock levels accurate on the website, but technology is sometimes not our friend, so if items appear to be available this may not always be the case.

We will let you know via email if purchases will be waiting on a back order, and any order you wish to continue with will be held until stock is available. If you'd like the order to be split we will send what is in stock at no extra charge.

If you are further afield: You'll find digital patterns available to purchase and if you are outside our current postage areas, but want to choose a delivery address within the above named countries, you can set your billing and delivery addresses as separate.
You can also contact us here and request shipping information if you are willing to wait longer for delivery and will also waiver our returns terms.