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  • Description

    Blocking mats are ideal for laying out your final knits and finishing them to perfection.
    With a single mat for convenience in the corner of your crafting room you can lay out and pin one or two small pieces at a time and let them dry as you knit more.
    These are like 'jigsaw' or 'puzzle' pieces so if you'd like to block a larger area, you can order more than one and have them stacked up ready to join together when you need them.

    • Available in a lucky dip colour selection - you'll receive yellow, green or blue.
    • Sold in individually, so please order multiple qualities if you'd like pieces to join together.
    • Pins sold in this shop too, please check the tools category for availability.

    Brand: Knit Pro
    Accessory Type: 
    Knitters Blocking Mats
    Size:  12" (30cm) square
    Material: foam rubber