Add To Your WishlistKnit Pro Stitch Markers (magnetic)

Add To Your WishlistKnit Pro Stitch Markers (magnetic)

  • Description

    Stitch Markers are useful when knitting projects with one of a few features,

    • You may be knitting in the round and need to mark the first and last stitch.
    • You may have a pattern on your needles, such as feather and fan and want to remember the beginning of pattern repeats.
    • You may need to mark decreasing or increasing points over a large number of stitches, so you don't miss the shaping on each row.

    These stitch markers are just what you need. Fitting perfectly to different needle sizes, and colourful - so you won't miss them, you'll love using them, and probably be motivated to pick them up more often.

    • Available in 2 colour options - we need beauty while we're knitting!
    • Sold in sets of 40, Amour - Pink hearts of all one size and Linea 20 small and 20 large.
    • Packaged in reusable plastic holder, to help you store your accessories when you don't need them

    Brand: Knit Pro
    Accessory Type: 
    Stitch markers, sets of 40
    Size: Linea, ideal for needles up to size 8mm
    Size: Amour, ideal for needles up to size 5.5mm
    Material: coloured aluminium