Add To Your WishlistKnitwear Shaver For Depilling

Add To Your WishlistKnitwear Shaver For Depilling

  • Description

    Many knitters will want all their pieces to last for years. That's one of the reasons we knit!
    So maintaining the fabric is imperative to keeping the items looking good and lasting for longer.

    The answer is to regularly de-pill, or de-bobble our knitwear. All you'll need is an hour in an evening and you can go through a few jumpers before storing in the Spring (or perhaps if you forgot, as you get them out from your vacuum bags in Autumn!)

    • Portable, lightweight and easy to use.
    • Motorised, so much easier than using scissors or a razor.
    • Guards of the blade ensure no disasters when cutting the fibres.
    • Includes easy to empty collection area, to prevent bobbles reattaching to knitwear once removed.
    • And best of all, this will prevent new pills from forming as they'll be cut off at source.

    Brand: Waken
    Colour: comes in blue and pink, will depend on what we have in stock - who doesn't love a lucky dip?!
    Accessory Type: Clothes shaver
    Material: plastic and metal

    Requires two AA batteries, not included